Wedding Inspirations: 2010 Shoes

We saw almost every color of the rainbow in flats, wedges, stilettos, flip-flips, and even boots in 2010! You really can wear whatever you feel like– from blaze orange shiny flats to knee high leather boots. Or maybe some sparkling blue Christian Louboutin heels or purple plaid Burberry wedges? Love them all!

Wedding Inspirations: 2010 Wedding Cakes

Don’t go cake shopping while you’re hungry! Okay, even if follow that advice, these cakes may make your mouth water anyway. Looking for some delicious inspiration? Check out these cakes we saw (and a few we had the pleasure of tasting!) in 2010. This year we saw quite a few cupcake cakes– you get a […]

Wedding Inspirations: 2010 Bridal Bouquets

With the exception of a very busy January for us, the 2011 wedding season won’t pick up until May. In the meantime, I’ll be posting some wedding inspiration from 2010, starting with bridal bouquets. Enjoy these gorgeous bouquets from the 2010 season!