Our Madison Street Urban Warehouse Office in Downtown Bloomington

We are happy to announce we’ve opened up shop in our new office at 403 S. Madison Street, Unit G* in downtown Bloomington! Of course we hope you’ll come see us in person, but until then, here’s a peek at the space as well as some before and after shots. We toured several spaces in the area and around town, but definitely saw the most potential in this space.

Bloomington Photography Studio

We love this neighborhood because it’s got history and character. The building our office is in used to power the city of Bloomington when it was run on steam power. We already photograph many sessions in the area so we’re excited to just walk out the front door and get snapping!

Beyond The Well Studio

We wanted to craft the space as both urban-modern and urban-antique. Below is a view of the exterior (we’re thinking up ideas for a sign!) and a detail of one of our antique pieces– a typewriter that belonged to my grandparents.

Bloomington Photographer

Bloomington Photographer

Bloomington Photographer

Bloomington Photographer

Here’s the bathroom– complete with the 19″ smallmouth bass I caught in Wisconsin a few years ago!

More details, including the 16″x64″ panorama Nate captured of the Seattle skyline at night during our road trip last summer. We had it printed on metal, and you’ve GOT to see it in person! (And bonus! You can order any of your images from us printed on metal. They are stunning, so don’t forget to ask and we can show you some of the sweet finishes!)

Now for the BEFORE and AFTER images. Try not to pee your pants! The space went through a little bit of a transformation…

Urban Warehouse Renovation

Urban Warehouse Renovation

Urban Warehouse Renovation

Urban Warehouse Renovation

Oh, and a BIG THANKS to my friend Tracy for helping me paint!

Stay tuned to the blog for updates– we’re hoping to have an open house sometime this summer! Click the “subscribe by email” link at the top of the blog to get updates in your email as we post. Hope to see you here in our new space soon!

(*The warehouse does not receive mail service, so please don’t mail anything to this address. Contact us if by chance you need our mailing address. And as always, the office is open by appointment only.)

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  1. Your shop looks absolutely fantastic! Your decorating is superb and the bathroom photo is like looking through a port-hole. Very nice, Nathan and Karen.

  2. Bet you really had a great time making this your kind of space….very eclectic and very impressive….like the bass:)

    Aunt Nancy

  3. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW you said thanks in your blog post to me for painting!!! YOU ARE SO NICE! I really loved it. I’m a helper! Also a big thanks for the beer with the hop cone!!!!!! YUM
    The studio looks amazing. You have such a good eye for this kind of thing! Can’t wait to spend endless hours on the couch playing dominion!!!!!!

  4. Thanks guys! We did put a lot of thought and sweat into the space, and we hope ya’ll visit us here soon!!!

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